How To Hang Christmas Icicle Lights Outside

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018. | Merry Christmas

Steps. Determine where you want to hang the icicle lights. Estimate how many feet of lights you will need. Purchase your icicle lights from a local retailer. Purchase an extension cord that has enough power to support the number of icicle lights you are hanging.

It is not enough to stand outside your home, picture the icicle lights hanging from the eaves in your mind and then start installing the lights. Since the icicle lights …

How to hang Christmas or Holiday lights outside without spending hours to do it. A genius way to hang Christmas Lights that stand up to high winds and is super.

Getting Started. Test Your Lights – Just because lights are new, they still need to be tested – on the ground. Attach Lights to Shutters or Shingles – To attach lights to your gutters, use an all-purpose light clip. Attach Lights to Trees – If you’re hanging lights in a tree, try using a light-hanging pole.